Welcome to the ANZFSSA Social Studies website.

Our hope is that this website, in conjunction with Social Sciences Online, will meet your Social Studies needs. There are Social Studies Associations operating around New Zealand. To join an association in your region go to the list of contacts on the home page.  Each association supports teachers in a number of ways, such as wikis, blog sites and annual professional development workshops. All of this work has been put together by willing and hard working people to promote the learning area. If there is no association operating in your area, we hope this website might help to overcome your isolation.

The website is set up to support teachers teaching at all curriculum levels from Level 1 to Level 8.  Many resources are from teachers who are prepared to share with others and it would be great if you could put forward resources to share with others, too.  The aim of this website is to be a point of communication and sharing to support teaching and learning in Social Studies nationwide.

Please remember we are a non-profit organization that relies on subscriptions to run the website.  Feel free to contact any of the regional representatives listed on the Contact List to help you get in touch with what is happening in your regional Social Studies association.

Latest News

Soc Con 13

New Zealand Social Sciences Conference (SocCon) 2013

The Conference Theme
Inclusive and Sustainable:
Social Sciences Shaping the Future

Date: 15 – 17 July 2013
Venue: Hamilton Girls’ High Centre of Creativity and Performance

Further details can also be found at: http://www.soccon.net.nz
For PLD opportunities and Newsletters contact
Auckland Social Studies Assoc

The International Conference on Thinking 2013

21 – 25 January 2013
Wellington Convention Centre

This conference will bring together such speakers as Dr Kerry Spackman, Edward de Bono, Professor Guy Claxton, Dr John Edwards, Rosemary Hipkins and many others for an opportunity to exchange ideas, unlock creativity, challenge thinking and inspire action.